How to take care of your bracelets

Even if all of our bracelets maintain a good quality thru time you need to take care of them. 

  • Avoid contact with water
  • Avoid moist
  • Never sleep with your bracelet
  • Dont wear the bracelet when you are playing a sport or other activity that makes you sweat
  • Avoid high temperatures and direct sunligt.
  • The jewelry doesnt last as long if they come in contact with cheap perfume, hairspray and skinlotion.
  • If you want extra protection from water you can put one layer with nailpolish. This way the bracelets are protected better.
  • Do not store your bracelets in a moist enviroment.

Every bracelet must be taken care of so they stay top notch for a longer time.Please follow this guide and you and your bracelet are going to have an awesome time together.

We hope you are loving your new bracelets as much as we love doing them.