When will i receive my order?

Answer: It will usually take 1-3 days if you live in Sweden. If you live outside Sweden, it can take between 5-14 days depending on where you live.

How do i pay?

Answer: When you are done shopping you go to the checkout. At the checkout you must fill out some details about your adress and name so we can process your order. When you are happy with the information you have to press the Paypal express button. When at paypal checkout you can choose either to pay directly without ant paypal user, or you can login into your paypal account to pay the products.

How do I return my order?

Answer: To return your order, go at the bottom of the page and under Amrilla World you'll see a link called return. Once there, you will see a guide on how to return your product, and there is also a return form to download.


How safe is it to pay with the card on Amrilla?

Answer: We use out of an encrypted data transfer, which means that your personal data and credit card information are well protected. 

How quickly do you answer email?

Answer: Depending on how much we have to do the response time is about 1-2 working days.


How do I get in contact with you the fastest?

Answer: The easiest and fastest way for you to reach is to call us at support +46706-15 15 32, or email us at

How does the bonus system works?

Answer: For every dollar you are shopping for, you get 0.5 bonus point. These bonus points can then be used for payment.


How do I know that the bracelet fits my wrist?

Answer: We have three different sizes, Small, Medium and Large. The dimensions of the bracelet stands when choosing size. if we dont have the size you're after, there is a text box just below the size of the list where you can enter any measurements you have on your wrist.